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Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

Wall Together is a project that partners The Speed Art Museum with local art organizations or non-profits to engage community participation through art. In conjunction with the Speed and each Wall Together exhibition collaborator, there is a call to youth to create art that will be exhibited here at the Museum's satellite space, Local Speed, four times a year, side–by-side with our main exhibition. The project was created with the goal to provide a site for community collaboration and a space for young artists to have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives through artistic expression. Wall Together strives to be a reflection of Kentucky's diverse youth culture.

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Wall Together: Come with Me

"Come With Me" is an exhibition of photographs and poems by students of the West End School, a private middle and elementary school for boys. As part of the project, the Speed Museum staff and volunteers worked with the students as they learned about photography, using Holga cameras, to express their individual perspectives on their lives at the school.

"Come With Me" is on display at Local Speed from March 6 to July 25, 2015.

2015 Wall Together Collaborators

West End School

Come With Me...

West End School
March 6 to July 25, 2015

Established nearly a decade ago, the West End School is a free, private, college preparatory elementary and middle school for young men. Among the many dynamic programs that contribute to the students' growth, their art therapy program, with its guiding principle "There is no right or wrong way to make art!," is particularly valuable. In collaboration with Wall Together, the Come With Me photographic exhibition is a personal expression of the young men's experiences at the West End School. Members of the Speed Museum staff spent five weeks working with the middle school boys as they learned about composition, visual storytelling, and photographic techniques, a process that culminated in students using Holga cameras to document their perspectives of campus life. Once their photo project was complete, students traded the image for the word and wrote poetry to accompany their visual narratives.

The results range from serious to playful, candid to reflective – and all of them as thoughtful and unique as the artists that composed them. Come with them on their journey and they'll show you...

Wall Together 2015 - Speed Museum

Wall Together 2015 - Speed Museum

View more photos of Wall Together & West End School collaboration on Facebook.

2014 Wall Together Collaborators

Maryhurst Academy

Color Me Justice

Maryhurst Academy
November 7, 2014 to February 21, 2015

Maryhurst is the oldest child welfare agency in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Founded in 1843, it serves as a home for abused and neglected children. Through an atmosphere of structure and love, Maryhurst provides healing and hope to those who have nowhere else to go. Maryhurst collaborates with The Speed Art Museum's Wall Together program to produce, Color Me Justice. The exhibition will showcase paintings chronicling the teens' journeys. The project integrates education and art therapy and uses artistic styles like Impressionism, Surrealism, and Cubism to help the students give voice to their personal narratives as well as the universal issues faced by all teenagers.

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

View more photos of Wall Together and Maryhurst Academy collaboration on Facebook.

Cabbage Patch Settlement House
Working Hands: A Modern Generation Explores the Ancient Craft of Textiles

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House
The Little Loomhouse

August 1, 2014 to October 25, 2014

Louisville organizations, The Cabbage Patch Settlement House and The Little Loomhouse, came together to create Working Hands: A Modern Generation Explores the Ancient Craft of Textiles in collaboration with the Speed Art Museum's "Wall Together" project. The fiber arts curriculum from The Little Loomhouse was implemented at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, where youth were taught a series of traditional skills using the combination of literature, historical background, and hands-on activities. These learning components helped students understand how people of other times and cultures used these artistic skills to meet practical needs while also finding personal expression. Additionally, students learned about natural and synthetic dyes, gaining a full understanding to then dye the yarn used in their projects. This medium, both beautiful and practical, gave the youth the opportunity to connect with the tradition of fabric handcraft and participate in creating an exhibition of work that transcends time, language, and culture.

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, established in 1910, is a local, non-profit organization whose mission it is to equip and empower at-risk youth and their families to be self-sufficient and maximize their potentials.

Since 1939, The Little Loomhouse has provided textile and folk art education for all ages through the Lou Tate landmark home, a cultural destination of three historic cabins in South Louisville.

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

View more photos of Wall Together, The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, & The Little Loomhouse collaboration on Facebook.

Spot 5 Art Center
Neighborhoods of Louisville
Spot 5 Art Center
April 4, 2014 to July 19, 2014

Spot5 Art Center's partnership with theSpeed Art Museum's Wall Together project provided an opportunity to introduce graphic art and design into the Spot5 curriculum and give their students the chance to experience a group art project shown to a broader audience. Spot5 students from all across the Metro area worked to create The Neighborhoods of Louisville. This exhibition represents a random selection of some of Louisville's sixty neighborhoods showcasing the uniqueness of our city. Before Spot5 students began creating their art, they first learned about the Louisville neighborhood they would represent followed by the art history of 1880-1930, helping them understand the distinct style and advertising components of the French poster era. Each banner was created from hemmed muslin using a resist and dye method that leaves a high contrast line throughout the design. Exhibiting these banners in one of Louisville's oldest yet newest neighborhoods, NuLu, was especially fitting and meant to instigate conversations about art, history, and the evolution of our city's neighborhoods.

Celebrating its tenth year of creative service in the Louisville Metro Area, Spot5 Art Center offers an art gallery that exhibits regional artists four times a year, an art supply store, and a variety of visual art classes including workshops that cater to ages four and up.

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

View more photos of Wall Together and Spot 5 collaboration on Facebook.

Americana Community Center
The Nelson Mandela Project
Americana Community Center
January 9, 2014 to March 22, 2014

Wall Together was first developed in late 2013 and had its first collaboration with the Americana Community Center in January 2014. Americana's body of artwork, entitled The Nelson Mandela Project, was inspired by the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. The nine teens participating first spent time learning about the late humanitarian leader and then created paintings in the traditional style of the African Kente cloth. They integrated colors and designs personal to their lives and then emblazoned their pieces with an image of Mandela.

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

Wall Together 2014 - Speed Museum

View more photos of Wall Together and Americana collaboration on Facebook.


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