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Collection Refinement and Deaccessioning

Since 2009, the director and curators at the Speed Art Museum have been conducting a systematic review of the museum’s collection. In consultation with several nationally and internationally respected scholars and specialists, we have been physically examining, evaluating, and assessing the approximately 14,000 objects owned by the museum. This process is shedding new light on the significance of key pieces, leading to the reattribution of works, revealing collection strengths not previously fully recognized, and yielding new perspectives on the history and development of the museum’s collection. The Speed has embarked on its unprecedented analysis to identify key areas for collection growth and refinement, with the goal of strengthening the museum’s holdings.

As part of this process, the Speed has also identified works that are in poor condition, are of lesser quality, have been discovered to have been modified, or do not serve the museum’s mission of bringing great art and people together. In the coming years, these works will be removed formally from the museum’s collection in accordance with the Speed’s Deaccession Policy. Deaccessioned works will be sold at public auction at Christie’s or through alternative outlets, as outlined in the policy. Funds obtained from the sale of deaccessioned works will be used for the acquisition of new works of art to further strengthen the collection.

Click here to see a list of the deaccessioned works.

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